Haico’s Hot Sauce (Ottawa, Canada)

When Craft Hot Sauce approached us to be entered into the website, we were faced with one of the hardest tasks there is: Write something about yourself! Well here it goes!

We are Haico and Angela and we are the owners and operators of Haico’s Hot Sauce with Haico being the crazy inventor and Angela being the (self-proclaimed) VP of bottle washing.

In order to get a bit of an idea why this couple from the cold white north (Ottawa, Canada’s capital) came to make hot sauces, it is a good idea to start at the beginning.

Haico is not originally from Canada, but he moved here in 2005. Now, something you need to know about him is that he grew up in a very multi-cultural background and grew up with several spicy foods. His family has cultural back grounds from Indonesia, Surinam, India, etc.

When he moved to Canada he was looking to find flavourful hot sauce to spice up his food (much to Angela’s horror as she did not even use ground black pepper on her food!). Unfortunately the only hot sauces he found were the traditional red vinegar based hot sauces that are available to the masses… We all know them….

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