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    1. Hello Nat! I am so glad you find a hot sauce that is good for you! for me it is all about pairing people with their favorite hot sauce! I am glad i can be prt of your experience! Keep it spicy!

  1. Tried the Devil’s brew at Perth Garlic fest – worth every second of pain because it tasted AMAZING. Would probably still be feeling it if not for liberal application of nutella. 12/10 would destroy my oesophagus again

  2. We loved meeting you today at the Kanata Farmer’s Market! Your product is AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS, you are incredibly knowledgeable about your products and you are the perfect personality to back all of this up! We loved the story behind your business and will 100% be coming back for more!

    1. Hi Jerry, We didn’t realize that you had sent an email…computer glitch! So sorry for the long delay in replying.
      Yes, we send to the states. Actually we send all over the world! Just sent 15 bottles to The Netherlands!
      Shipping costs would have to be individually determined, but if you send a list of what you would like and the address, we can tell you how much the shipping is. Share the heat and the shipping costs with a few friends.

      We are actually going to the Hot Sauce Expo in Brooklyn NY in April. Have you ever been there? Supposed to be over the top!!!

      Keep it spicy!

      Haico and Angela

  3. Hi there!

    We hope you had a Merry Christmas, and will enjoy a Happy New Year!

    We love your hot sauces, and have bought some directly from you at various markets in Ottawa. We went online and saw where it says free shipping in Ottawa if we order 3 bottles, but even ordering 4, it wants to charge us shipping. Is there a way around that? We’d even be happy to pick them up if that is easier for you.

    You’ve spoiled us for all other hot sauces. We want more of yours!

    Thanks so much,

    Ron and Jenny

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