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  1. Thanks for the love Bryan!! And if you have people in your life that do not like it spicy, a few drops of Scorpions Kiss can be added to soups, pastas and cream cheese appetizers. Flavour without the heat!

  2. The best. Whenever I go to Ottawa, or friends come over, I order one or two. Luckily, I’ve found some of them in The Big Apple (Highway 401).

  3. For Testimonial 5 Star – I Have tasted hundreds of Hot Sauces and very few are in the must have in House do not run out of status , Then I tried Haico’s Scorpion Kiss Sauce and instantly ordered more bottles and will continue to do so. It has a straight forward well blended flavor with that wonderful Scorpion kick ,Hot enough to raise sweat on the brow and has the flexibility to be put on really any kind of cuisine . I cant say enough about the sauce as well as the Service and personal touch Haico puts into His craft . When You buy a sauce from Haico You get a great sauce , great value and make a Friend all at the same time. Thank You Haico.

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