Taking Over the World with Hot Sauce!


Haico’s Harvest Hot Sauce, Pumpkin Pyro, gives a whole new meaning to the words Pumpkin Spice!

Made from only fresh ingredients: Chili Peppers (Yellow Carolina Reapers, White Ghosts), Pumpkin, Vidalia Onions, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lime juice, Maple Syrup, Fresh herbs and spices (All Spice, Cloves and Cinnamon).

Available for a very limited time. Only 200 bottles made!


Save the Date for the ‘Heating up the Capital’ – Ottawa’s first Hot Sauce Expo on Saturday, May 30th, 2020!

We are extremely excited to announce that Haico’s Hot Sauce will be hosting the first Ottawa Hot Sauce Expo, entitled ‘Heating up the Capital‘ on Saturday, May 30, 2020 at the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa.

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Order Haico’s Hot Sauce through Square

Ottawa pick up available… Free delivery in Ottawa with 3 bottles ordered.  

International orders are available; shipping costs are extra. View our family of Hot Sauces



18 thoughts on “Taking Over the World with Hot Sauce!

  1. I met Haico at the Westboro Farmer’s Market this weekend. Super nice guy, who explained each sauce well, especially when he said “we like to have fun with the names!” I was especially impressed when he told me he grows his own peppers! Picked up a bottle of Soylent Green, and brought it to my family thanksgiving meal to pass around. Everyone loved it. I’ll certainly be trying more of the sauces in the line up!

  2. Just got introduced to your sauces and I’m loving them….keep them coming….my favourite is melted cheese curds with Red Dawn…….phenomenal

    1. I had not thought about melting cheese curds with the Red Dawn! I will have to try it! Sounds delicious! Keep it spicy!

  3. Canadian colon cleanser is super delicious and just hot enough. You can slather it on anything or mix it in with chicken and rice. I am anxiouse to see what haico brings to ottawa beer fest may 10th.

  4. I recently bought a bottle of Red Dawn. It is a
    mild and delicious sauce , the only pfoblem was that it is too good. I had company over on the weekend and I put the sauce on the table with our meal and now it is almost gone. Thanks Haico for making a great sauce.

    1. I am so happy to hear that you and your visitors have been enjoying the Red Dawn! Check out our Marketplaces page to find out where you can get more! Keep it spicy!

  5. Bought your Scorpions Kiss at Chili Chilis. It is tasty and ya Hot…. It won’t last long. I eat that sh%#!×t on everything….. Just found my favourite sauce. Will be trying more of your product. Great stuff.

  6. Haico is a great guy who makes even greater sauces! I am completely in love with Devil’s Brew, an extraordinarily hot and delicious blend of the 3 hottest peppers with a flavor profile that will keep me coming back for more. An instant favorite. Cannot wait to try more of his creations! Brilliant.

  7. Had the pleasure of meeting Haico (and the whole hot sauce family!) at a craft show this past weekend. So thrilled I did! Loved all we tasted and have been enjoying everything we brought home! The flavours are distinct and give each sauce their own personality. Really enjoying the Smoke N’ Burn! Thank you!

  8. Just had some beautiful homemade venison stew with Scorpions Kiss and wow did it kick with a bold flavor backing up the inferno .
    Got some respect for its straight jab .

    1. Thanks for the review. People are trying out your recommendation to use it with venison. Had people come by this weekend just for that reason!

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