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Eve D

Had the pleasure of meeting Haico (and the whole hot sauce family!) at a craft show this past weekend. So thrilled I did! Loved all we tasted and have been enjoying everything we brought home!Continue reading

Heather O

These hot sauces are fantastic – full of flavour, heat and the variety is amazing!! 5 stars!


Just tried some Devil’s Brew (decided to try it from the bottle), maybe 1/2 a teaspoon… Very tasty! It’s has a really nice heat and would be amazing in eggs or a homemade all veggieContinue reading

Raquel W

Scorpion’s Kiss is fantastic!!  Can I order 4 more bottles pls?

Helena G

These are not your regular vinegar-like sauces; these pack a real punch. Definitely not for the faint of heart – true Hot Sauce!!

Angela V

THEY TASTE AMAZING! LoveLoveLove !!!! Definitely recommend….a FEW bottles, cause once you finish one you’ll be searching for more!

Evan D

HO HO HOLY HOT SAUCE HAICO!! I love that Drunken Ghost hot sauce, but I have to experiment with how much I put in. OOPS! I made that one a little too spicy LOL. A veryContinue reading

Heidi B

I don’t usually use hot sauce in my cooking but a drop or two of Scorpion’s Kiss adds flavour to bland food.  And you really only need a few drops!!


Canadian Colon Cleanser, created by my friend Haico. This new creation is a total success. It has the balance between power and taste. Everyone else is wearing a sweater and I’m sweating in my thong.